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The Iconics by Savoir-Faire Paris

AJ1 OW High “Chicago” Iconic
AJ1 OW High “Chicago” Iconic Sale priceFrom €1.500,00
AJ1 OW Low “Chicago” Iconic
AJ1 OW Low “Chicago” Iconic Sale priceFrom €1.500,00
AJ1 TS High “Chicago” Iconic
AJ1 TS High “Chicago” Iconic Sale priceFrom €1.300,00
AJ1 TS Low “Chicago” Iconic
AJ1 TS Low “Chicago” Iconic Sale priceFrom €1.300,00

Timeless colorways revisited

The “Iconics” collection is the result of 4 years of research and development in materials and finishes, ranging from reinforcements to the foams used. All this to achieve impeccable quality.

Today, it is the most accomplished product possible in our eyes.

These 4 years have served us to assert our identity by using a signature that resembles us: the Zig-Zag point . The latter is present on each pair of the collection.

SFP takes care of your pairs

All pairs from the “Iconics” collection benefit from a maintenance service for the first year from the day of purchase.